Kellie Kaddatz

Kellie became an ACE certified Personal Trainer in New York City in 2006 after experiencing the profound benefits of personal training herself and wishing to give back to the world what had been so unexpectantly offered to her.  She had an insatiable urge to share her newfound approach with as many as she could.

Yoga and meditation also became pivotal in Kellie’s personal journey to health and wellbeing, and with her dedication to passing along all she can to help others excel on their own journeys, she decided to study the art of teaching Yoga and became a registered Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Therapist in 2013 through the Yoga Alliance.  She strives to incorporate these techniques and principals when working with her clients in order to offer even more value in their transformation.

While she holds up some of the traditional approaches and techniques in helping her clients get into shape, she also strongly believes that the mind and how you think is key, and must be conditioned to achieve optimal results.  Spiritual, mental, emotional wellness, and fun are essential components to her regime allowing her clients to access their own inner personal power. This approach has proven to be very successful in her clients achieving not only their fitness goals but also excelling in other aspects of their lives.



Sean Ward

“… caring compassionate guidance that seeks to strengthen the connection between mind, body, and spirit.”  This is part of what you’ll read when you check out my yoga studio bio, but this is my dharma, inside, as well as outside of the yoga studio.

In addition to teaching yoga, I’m a Reiki Master,  long-time seeker and meditation enthusiast.  My goal is to bring contemporary expressions and insightful teachings to promote inner peace through presence; strength via vulnerability; and a realization of Oneness through the universality of all of our issues.

What’s in the name?  A bit of humor and humility as I playfully own up to being a bit of a spirit wonk.

Spirit: the animating or vital principle which gives life to physical organisms; sacred essence of who we are beyond thought and ego.  Wonk: a person who studies a subject or issue in an excessively assiduous and thorough manner;  One who is excited to discuss details of a given topic, which others may find arcane, or otherwise uninteresting.

Blog posts will fall into four categories: Yoga, Meditation, Buddhism, & General Expressions.  hope it serves you.



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